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Our Vision

Our Vision is to install Identisafe-09 on every third luxury car in USA & Europe. by Dec 2020.

Thus helping to reduce car theft as much as possible.

We at United Linkers believe that "Winners never quit & Quitters never win".

Only those win who think they can.

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   Biometric Security Solutions for Vehicles

Designed by United Linkers in Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, California & assembled in Stuttgart, Germany.
United Linkers has its HQ in UK since 2018.The company plans to go public soon.
6 to 300 Fingerprint memory & 10 Iris-Retina memory . Access, Start and secure your car with your fingerprint.

Identisafe-09: Fingerprint is the Key
Bikesafe-99:   Fingerprint to start bike
Retinatisafe-18: Eyeball Recognition car security
Brainsafe-72: Brain fingerprinting technology for car security.
Voicesafe36: Voice Identification Car Security
Robosafe-999: Robot car driver + Robotic car security
Think-Start-99: Think & Start your Car  Introducing soon.

Keyless Ignition Start & Keyless Entry.

Fingerprint Car Remote Control & Fingerprint Remote Car Engine Start.

Worried about your car being stolen? Do you forget your car keys usually? Well you don't need to worry anymore. We have a solution Car security via biometrics

UNITED LINKERS is a Computer Security Company offering security solutions using Biometrics, with branches in USA, Canada & India.

United Linkers was established in Dec 2003 with an investment of 800 $ by Swapnil Kale & Saurabh Singh on the 3rd floor of Kale House in Pune, India.

The Head Office is located in London, UK since 2018. The company has invented a range of products In Biometrics & Robotics. One of its first invention in car security is called “Identisafe-09” & has been granted Patent for the same.

The product Identisafe-09 allows 1 to 10 people to start and secure their car with their finger impression.

Our manufacturing unit is a registered & authorized member of Global Dun & Bradstreet Org & our D-U-N-S number is 919067608.

How Identisafe-09 works -

Every individual in this world has a unique finger impression and no two finger impressions are alike thus giving everyone a unique identity.

Biometrics is an advanced technology used for securing devices or applications.

Identisafe-09 fingerprint security system recognizes this individual identification characteristic.

By contacting the feeler with the finger surface, this is recorded, for example, by a capacitive sensor field consisting of 65,000 sensor electrodes.

The information obtained is used to create a digitized grey-scale image of the fingerprint. In a fraction of a second, a decision is made on whether the quality of the image is adequate, or whether a further impression is required.

Following this, an algorithm for feature filtering and recognition searches for between one and two dozen characteristic features, so-called minutiae.These line ends, branches, whirls and loops are memorized as vectors with their position and direction, and prohibit reconstruction of the original fingerprint for purposes of manipulation.

Next, in a few milliseconds, the characterizing data are compared with information stored in a fingerprint database.

If the comparison is successful,the vehicle systems can be released for use, in the same way as if a PIN or password had been entered.

Identisafe-09 fingerprint security system enables secure & person-related activation of vehicle functions without the need for additional operations in the car.

Information about Identisafe-09 -Finger scan biometric provides the most secure and convenient technology available today for securing user access to any system.

The state of art technology in user authentication, it determines your identity based on your fingerprint, not just a password, nor what you possess (a coded key).

The problem of losing coded key & forgetting passwords is eliminated.

These complete solutions add up to the best security available for protecting your vehicle.

Highly accurate, our technology is proven, protecting many vehicles worldwide.

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